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For $1500, you will have a Elon Musk's pair of shoes that cause network storm

Elon Musk shoes are used in the event introduced the Model Y has attracted attention from the online community. It has been producing more and sell for $ 1,500.

Pay ,500, you will have a Elon Musk's pair of shoes that cause network storm

On stage to introduce the Model Y on day 14/3, billionaire Elon Musk took a pair of shoes "plot line" made exclusively by DM Custom Sneakers. The shoes are designed with leather material, the toe section laser cutting with Tesla logo. Outside, it is coated with genuine python skin and black hair.

After the event, this shoe has attracted large attention and a series of comments on Twitter from fans of Tesla. "I think, elements 'One More Thing' was Elon Musk's shoes", account @LikeTeslaKim write. "@Elonmusk, I can buy that pair of Jordan where?", The account @ niloc21seven write. Meanwhile, accounts @pmoe then asserted, "I do not care about the new Tesla car, but I really like double Jordan".

Elon Musk shot.Blocked with karate shoes are put on separate production stage event launched the Tesla Model Y. Photo: Business Insider.

That has prompted the designers at DM Custom Sneakers additional fabrication. DM Custom Sneakers headquartered in Habra, California is operated by two father and son Marco Sr. and Marco Acosta Jr.

The designers here said they would generate 6 limited edition of the shoe has a look similar to that billionaire Elon Musk sample used. The limited edition will be numbered and sold at $ 1,500 per pair.

Acosta Jr. said a close friend of Elon Musk, who is also Tesla's investors have put his shoes instead.

Currently, limited edition of shoes on has been sold. However, the company said it is planning to produce more shoes with the logo of Tesla and Google in the future.

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