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What is arch support?

To understand arch support, you first need to understand what the arch is. The arch of your foot is the curved area of your foot that sits between the heel and ball of the foot as mentioned briefly in this guide.

The arch, though often talked about in a context that is singular is truly a triangle of three interconnected arches. The arch of your foot grows and matures with you, so the need for arch support can evolve.

A lighter sandal will feel more weightless on your feet, and is often less clunky and minimalist in design and style. The surface that you will be primarily using the shoe for will require a lighter or styling that is heavy well.

Of course, a heavier sandal is often going to last longer because the materials it is constructed with are more durable. But it shall not be as flexible as a high-quality lighter sandal made for running or cross-training.

It would be advised to also move away from a heavier, maximum-stability sandal, and select a more flexible one for maximum comfort if you are considering moving away from walking activities into more running activities.

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Arch Support