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ALDO Women's Aleni Dress Pump

By: Aldo

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Product Description

Pointy plain high heel pump with small pins

Products by Type: Dress Pump

Dress pump come in a variety of colors and styles. They can have a rounded or pointed toe, and are usually made of leather. Today, pumps have evolved beyond the classic working woman's shoe. Now, there are peep toe pumps, which have a small opening at the toes. There are also pumps with ankle straps. Not only have the styles evolved, the fabrics have as well. While almost all pumps used to be made of leather, pumps now come in a variety of materials, such as suede and wool.

Products by Brand: Aldo

Founded by Aldo Bensadoun in 1974, Aldo takes you through his humble beginnings with one dream in mind - to produce eye-catching footwear and handbags that demonstrate the commitment and passion created over the years. Aldo is a brand that not only cares about their target customer, but crafts enchanting, glamorous and innovative products with endless versatility.

When it comes to everyday woman, Aldo offers on a clean, chic type of handbags, where focus on detail takes center stage. Whether you will need a modern leather backpack or a swanky crossbody to jaunt around town, Aldo understands the necessity to be comfortable, look stylish and lead the way in fashion. Their footwear line is nothing in short supply of effortless style yet delightfully flirty. The line has youthful appeal that showcases classic silhouettes and everything posh.

Men can choose from a plethora of rustic-inspired and built for durability shoes because of their endless adventures or from a distinguished selection for the people special occasions. Crafted for comfort, the Aldo man can spend his day in stylish confidence, knowing his choice was inspired by genuine passion for current trends.

Whether you’re seeking to glam up your ensembles or complement your spontaneous style, Aldo knows how to easily fit in perfectly.

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