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Will you dare pay nearly $1000 for this dirty shoes Gucci?

Form new shoe launch of Gucci makes many fashion followers, especially sneakerhead, designed to surprise because "dirty intentionally" of them. Fashion shoes dirty with expensive prices had caused a stir online community when many stars from Asia to Europe trendsetters unremitting.

Will you dare pay nearly 00 for this dirty shoes Gucci?

Recently, the cult fashion brand Gucci also made many people surprised when the village-style shoes "dirty artificial" official price is 870 USD. It is worth mentioning here that looks like an old pair sneaker has used for years.

Gucci sneakers sample has launched called Screener Trainer, for men with designs inspired by the 1970 Italian fashion house remained 2 strip blue - red - green is already too familiar image Gucci belongs, except the main colors with color cream with streaks of dirty black rippling everywhere to create realistic dirt effects.

Will you dare pay nearly 00 for this dirty shoes Gucci?

Referring to one old shoe, people certainly can not forget the image of the Golden Goose Superstar shoe line. Before Gucci, Golden Goose has launched shoe "ragged". Not only has the dirty surface old medium, shoe adhesive tape is also interlaced, looking like an old pair of shoes worn affixed to tinker with continued use.

Will you dare pay nearly 00 for this dirty shoes Gucci?

However, a division that this fad is not innovative but meaningful sympathy for poor workers. Inherently they are unable to afford a new pair of shoes should be brought intact to this type. Is Gucci and Golden Goose has a joke sell for "gouging" or brand is truly sympathetic to the working poor?

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