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What to Wear For a Hiking Trip

Walking around the park and hiking are two different activities. However, these two activities are some of the most popular recreational activities in the world. Both activities expose you the natural beauty of the world along with the breezy fresh air and all the green surrounding you that can be beneficial and refreshing after long hours at the work desk.

What to Wear For a Hiking Trip

However if you are planning to go out hiking, you have to be prepared in terms of what you should be carrying for food and supplies and what you should be wearing. The weather plays a major role on what outdoor clothing you will be wearing and as such dictates the clothes you will be carrying. If you are planning to walk around the park or go out hiking, there are a few things you should bear in mind before you set out.

If you are to go out on a hiking trip, it is a good idea to bring along clothes that can protect you from rain and cold. It is advisable to use layered clothing especially if the weather changes way too often. Thin layers of clothing would do well as this will allow you to easily take off the pieces of clothing when the temperature goes up and it becomes too warm for you.

Use clothing that can help absorb sweat like cotton. For warmer days, Polyester micro fibre is ideal while polypropylene is preferable for cool weather. Wool or fleece made clothing is also ideal for cool temperatures. You could look through the range of outdoor clothing at Jacksons Camping to find suitable items.

When hiking in the rain, outdoor clothing designed to be water and wind proof will be ideal. Jackets with pockets are also a great option since they offer compartments where you can store food and navigational gadgets. When it comes to trousers, denim is a big no-no.

Instead go for water resistant fabric trousers for the rainy days and breathable fabric for warmer weather. Shorts are great as well but they are preferable only if you already know the terrain or the path. One reason as to why trousers can be advantageous over shorts is that they can help you protect yourself against prickly branches and mosquito bites.

For walking exercises at the park or down street, comfortable clothing should be worn; this usually includes shorts or jogging bottoms along with a comfortable pair of shoes. Your shirt should be made from a breathable material or one of those that can absorb sweat. You can easily find outdoor clothing locally at specialist outdoor stores. You can also find it online at major retail sites as well as smaller outdoor clothing websites.

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