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New review Of Teva Kayenta Hiking Sandals

Comfortable and durable walking sandals are a necessity whether you do some light hiking along the beach, rafting for any time, taking the kids down to your pond or just strolling down the road to the convenience store. Since 1984, Teva has been creating durable sports sandals using the comfort and durability adventurers like you require. Since then, it has exploded into an iconic brand beloved by adventurers and urbanites alike.

Review Of Teva Kayenta Hiking Sandals

Teva could be the creator of the very first sports sandal and knows the requirement for a women's summer sandal that travels well and can be worn either in the water or on the shore. The brand strives to generate shoes that foster a spontaneous, do-anything, go-anywhere attitude and believes that the most readily useful memories come from life's unscripted moments. The Teva Kayenta Studded Sandal is created in the spirit of adventure and spontaneity. It delivers all the go-anywhere durability and do-anything function you've grown you may anticipate from Teva.

Teva Women's Kayenta Sandal

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Kayenta Sandal Materials and Design

The Kayenta Studded Sandal footbed is designed with a Durabrasion Rubber outsole, a heel Shoc Pad and a Suede-wrapped yoga pad foot bed. The Durabrasion Rubber outsole provides outstanding traction to your every step while the patterned tread keeps you from slipping and sliding on damp areas. The Shoc Pad cushions your heel from impact, and the yoga mat foot bed provides long-wearing comfort you can wear in water and out of water.

Comfort and Style

The Teva Kayenta Sandal is good option if you are searching for a women’s walking sandal that may go anywhere and go with all your favorite summer appears. The sandal has Teva’s trademark sporty style with a twist. The webbing is drawn together around a ring near the top of the base, instead or simply crossing the foot, giving it a strappy fashion sandal look. The metallic stitch studded detail adds texture and shine.

Review Of Teva Kayenta Hiking Sandals

It will come in a handful of colors with the two best being black with white metallic stitch studded detail or Limoges blue with gray metallic stitch studded detail. Wear the black and white couple with your casual every day jeans and shorts. Or accent your favorite summer time skirts, shorts or capris using the Limoges blue and gray sandal.

Durability and Value

This sandal offers all the Teva comfort, flexibility and durability you expect combined with Teva’s signature design. This stylish walking sandal dries quickly and packs easily into any small suitcase. Teva sandals are very durable, but they are going to need some occasional TLC. Particularly if you wear them every-where. Teva advises hand washing the straps and topsoil as needed with an antibacterial soap and a bristled brush. You can use easy water pressure to completely clean dirt from grooves in the soles. Leave them away within the shade to dry.

The sandal style and hook-and-loop closing is convenient, you simply slip them on and band in and go. They’re a fantastic choice to wear regarding the beach, but never leave them lying in the sun. The black sole can get quite hot. These are typically just as comfortable with socks as they are in bare-feet. So feel free to dig out you merino wool socks as soon as the weather turns cold.

Thing I like: Teva Kayenta sandals

The very first time I wore these sandals Scott and I played hookey on a weekday, took a lengthy bike ride, pushed our bicycles three blocks up an impressively steep hill to have barbecue and beer (worth every penny!) and biked all the way back home. Never once did I notice my sandals, they worked like I’d spent a summer breaking them in. We have fussy old lady feet and annoyingly tender skin which means this lack of a breaking in period was amazing.

I purchased these be effective as a comfy, functional sandal that doesn’t look too sporty. (At least not here in Seattle where we tend to look like we’re just coming back from a course 2 hike and/or a shopping spree at REI.) I’ve been surprised at the quantity of times women stop to ask me where i acquired them.

Review Of Teva Kayenta Hiking Sandals

The straps on the top look decorative but offer distributed support so none associated with the areas rub or pinch. The only of those shoes is perhaps all business with lightweight and extremely flexible rubber, you can easily bend your foot all the way to face on tippy toe with no shoe giving any trouble. The straps around the ankle aren’t so high which they hit underneath my ankle plus they are adjustable with velcro, this will be an unusual exception to my zero-Velcro tolerance.

There are some versions associated with the Kayenta. I have the Kayenta Suede as well as the Kaytenta Studded. The suede version will most likely stand up to getting wet but not soaked. It’s a nice black all over look plus the logo is subtle, the only is lined in suede. The studded version has dark gray rubber soles plus the pattern during the straps is truly metallic gold, something which doesn’t run into into the pictures online. The Kayenta and Kaytenta Studded have fabric straps lined with leather. Both the Suede and Studded versions are equally comfortable if you ask me, though i did so buy one pair at size 7 as well as the other at size 7.5 so it’s worth trying a couple of sizes to be sure. As you are able to tell I’m really really pleased with these and recommend them if you’re interested in an everyday summer sandal as you are able to walk (and bike) miles in.

Teva Women's Kayenta Sandal

  • Yoga mat inspired footbed
  • Water-channeling lug pattern
  • Spider365 outsole

Teva Women's W Kayenta Dream Weave Strappy Sandal

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If you are looking for hiking sandals that deliver extreme comfort, then the Teva Kayenta Dream has everything you need. With straps made of textile and synthetic, these hiking sandals for women will keep your feet happy the entire day. The straps are sturdy, yet flexible. Apart from that, you can easily adjust the strap that runs across your instep according to your preferred fit. And with their open upper design, you are assured of maximum breathability, even during soaring temperatures.

Whether you are camping, hiking or just strolling in the woods during summer, your choice of footwear should provide enough grip on the ground. Well, the Teva Kayenta Dream Weave has a rubber outsole that provides plenty of traction. From steep rocky paths to mossy strewn rocks, these sandals have adequate traction to handle whatever comes your way. Also, the outsole design helps to minimize the accumulation of gunk, thus keeping the sandals as lightweight as possible. Apart from that, they are easy to clean and maintain. And once you wash them, they dry within a short time.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Adjustable straps


  • Spun polyester webbing upper
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Heel shoc pad
  • Durabrasion rubber outsole


Overall, the Teva Kayenta Studded Sandal is a good women's sandal for those who want for a durable and versatile sandal. This Teva is well suited for warm or chilly days and are worn in the water or on dry land. Its go-anywhere construction makes it a good sandal for walking, kayaking, or rafting and it'll fit as easily in your gear bag or suitcase as any flip-flop. This has the signature Teva look and durability and your favorite sandal for years to come.

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