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Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review

With much anticipation, I give you:

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review


This was one of many biggest highlights upon doing the review. The Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 utilizes an XDR rubber outsole with a diamond grid base traction. In addition has flex line grooves offering the foot an all-natural feel and foot motion. Even whenever digging the shoe down on surface or doing hard cuts, the shoe doesn’t result in the natural ‘squeak’ noise — but that doesn’t mean it does not work. I came across myself making difficult cuts, quick lateral movements, and defensive slides at the stop of a dime effortlessly. This diamond grid pattern was actually well executed and it also extends up onto the medial edges of the forefoot. Also whenever the outsole picked up dirt, one fast wipe did the trick. Consistency is key, while the traction is where it made its mark.

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review


The cushion used in the shoe is Zoom Air. There are Zoom Air units located in the forefoot plus the heel. With the help of a thicker insole, it took some break-in time for the insole to form to foot, but once that happened, you might feel the pronounced padding of the Zoom devices. It absolutely wasn’t overly plush, nor did the Zoom Air units make your base sink in, but it was completely adequate. I’m perhaps not totally certain that the Ambassador 8 model used the same Zoom Air pods used into the Nike Lebron XIII, since the look queue of the Ambassador 8 is clearly influenced as a result, but irrespective the cushioning worked well. The Zoom Air units bring back the great old memories associated with late ’90s and early 2000’s cushion so that was a shock. Good job Nike.

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review


The materials had been a little suspect to me, however in a negative method. The concept and execution of the shoe ended up being interestingly thought out; the midfoot is comprised of overlay mesh with glue fixtures and a fused toe box although the base fits into neoprene sock-like bootie. You also have a Flywire lacing system and a zipper down the middle regarding the midfoot providing you that natural one to 1 fit.

Additionally, an injected Phylon midsole, which has a lacing rig to complete off the upper lacing, and XDR outsole rubber traction are used. I would have liked to see some performance woven along the midfoot, just based on the execution of materials utilized in the Kobe 11, but this mid-model does indeed the work well.

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review


The shoe naturally fits real to size, literally to the precise T. i recommend that anybody with extremely wide-feet go up half a size. Ambassador models, in general, fit true to size — in my experience with the prior two models. With the Neoprene sock-like bootie infused with the midfoot zipper, the shoe has that Huarache-type feel.

The shoe is designed to supply the notion that the shoe is merely an extension of your foot, almost like using a sock. With the inserted phylon lacing cage designs similar to the Hyperrev 2015, the shoe offers you the proper lockdown once the laces are tied and the shoe fully zipped up. Not even as soon as did the zipper unzip, for many who were concerned.

However, there was clearly a slight pinch over the outer region of the footwear where the bone on my base links to my small toe and on the medial side near my big toe. Many thanks to the ingenuity of this Flywire lacing system, I loosened up that one area where the laces were, and within no time, my foot felt fine.

Due to warm retention build-up on the base, shoes tend to expand and also build moisture, hence the break-in period of the shoe and the materials gradually expanding. The shoe naturally breaks in within a couple of games, giving you the best anyone to one fit on a Nike shoe that flaunts LeBron’s name (salvage for the Soldier 9, which wins, but simply barely).

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review


The support comes directly through the containment due to the Neoprene sock-like bootie, the inserted Phylon lace cage, the Flywire lacing system, the dense insole, and of course, the forefoot and heel Zoom. At no point in time did we find my foot shifting or sliding one bit.

I had a little bit of worry exactly how the base might be contained in the sock-like bootie, but it really formed to foot quite nicely and after one or two games, I didn’t even consider the thing that was on my feet. The injected Phylon midsole, the XDR rubber traction, and the Zoom Air units really complimented each other efficiently; together, they set the standard for shoes that bear LeBron’s name.

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review


I really dig this footwear (more sore than the Ambassador 7). It provided me with everything We needed to do inside my highest capabilities while giving on-court efficiency in exchange. We actually choose this model over the Lebron 13 as a result of the execution of every facet of the shoe — plus, it didn’t feel bulky. It actually felt lighter than the Nike Lebron 13 and on par because of the Nike Lebron Soldier 9. We wish this model was the particular signature model because execution of various colorways would be endless, and might be a great NikeiD offering.

The shoe did its job atlanta divorce attorneys aspect, which has lead me personally to believe that every footwear should utilize this model (and on occasion even the Hyperrev 2016, but we’ll discuss this at a subsequent date) as the standard of how a shoe should be executed. Nike really pulled out the top guns and made this shoe, although an overseas model, perform far better than it’s signature 13 counterpart.

This model outperforms the other signature models out there — this is not a gripe against any brand, designer, or the merchandise line manager(s), but if a shoe that costs 25-30% less and it has almost similar ideas and inspirations of this actual signature model, our basic consensus is it’s not supposed to outperform the more costly model. That way of thinking is wrong.

The Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 is what a top performing signature shoe should be; from the exemplary use of fit, support, and aesthetics, down to the padding, Nike went back into basics and provided us a premier notch basketball shoe. Maybe not a poor way to start off the new year Swoosh. Perhaps not bad at all.

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review

Hopefully, Nike continues to discharge shoes such as for example this simply because they really outdid themselves. I’m beyond happy I happened to be able to not only purchase this overseas model, but the majority importantly able to give you, our global audience, a suitable performance review. Even after playing 20 hours in the shoeI find myself playing into the shoe more and trying to observe and figure away any negatives the shoe may have. I simply couldn’t find any.

By the way, for a proper performance review the footwear must be played in actual games — no less than 20-36 hours to fully evaluate break-in time, structural retention of the aesthetics, padding status, and also the traction.

I also hope that this particular shoe model becomes the foot-bed standard of what a great performance shoe should be, and never having to pay premium top dollar. I can do with no special boxes and extras; please just give me a tale behind the footwear, provide me history, provide me the architectural inspiration, and provide me the very best of what you’ve got to produce a shoe that looks cool and performs like this. That, ladies and gents, is the feeling I want every time I get a signature shoe.

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 (USA colorway)

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 (China colorway):

Nike Lebron Ambassador 8 Performance Review

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