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Large display of shoes at Nottingham University to highlight student suicide rate

Independent reporting of the Week Awareness of Suicide, the Students Union University of Nottingham, England, located about 100 pairs of shoes on the steps before building Portland to warn about suicide.

Large display of shoes at Nottingham University to highlight student suicide rate

95 shoes is the memorial for the 95 students in England and Wales chose death to liberate either 2017, 2018. Zoe Mackenzie, staff room of the University of Nottingham Welfare, and Smith-Thompson, third-year student in Sociology, implementation of this campaign. Smith-Thompson explains the idea for the campaign began when he and Mackenzie met, discuss the counseling for students at universities. There, they saw many young people stuck with psychological problems.

In recent years, the status of student suicide is serious problem in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the suicide rate in males than females students. The period 2001-2017, of the 1,330 students to end their lives in England and Wales, 66% were male. Smith-Thompson added suicidal student status is growing. In this situation, a petition of 1,500 signatures was sent to the University of Nottingham.

The petition launched measures to increase the welfare of the students, including the recognition of World Day of Prevention of Suicide (10/9) is an annual event, open training courses to raise awareness suicide for staff in schools, increased funding for student counseling.

22/3, the last day of the Week of Awareness About Suicide, University of Nottingham Students\' Union held 95 seconds of silence in memory of the students chose to get rid of negative way deadlock.
Last month, a similar operation took place in Liverpool. Hundreds of children\'s shoes are placed on the stairs of the building organizes events to raise awareness about the status of suicide among young people.

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